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subscription box

Questions and answers

  • What's Included?

    • Your very own 20% off coupon that will work for all items purchased on the store excluding subscriptions. While you are a member • Brand new artwork regular 50x40 painting canvas • Surprise free gift each month • Priority access to new artwork first
  • Product specifications

    Canvas Size: 16" x 20" / 40 x 50cm Canvas Material: Linen Canvas Paint Type: Acrylic
  • Will I always get a painting in the categories I’ve selected?

    We ask our members to choose the painting types they like (e.g. oceans, animals, fantasy, landscape etc.) Before your delivery, we’ll give you the option to keep your painting a surprise, to select one from the new designs that are available or to pick a painting from our available catalogue of designs. If you choose to keep your painting a surprise, then the category is a preference. We will do our best to send you a brand new design in this category however it’s subject to availability and not always guaranteed.
  • What if I don’t like a category I’ve picked?

    You can updated the categories you’ve selected at any time by emailing our team at
  • What if I receive a painting and I don’t like it?

    We would encourage you to give the painting a go, part of the fun is discovering a new category or painting design that you might love. If, however, it’s really not your cup of tea, you can send it back and switch it over for another membership painting, free of charge. If you’d like to do this, please get in touch with our team at
  • How do discount codes work?

    Since Defirefly Memberships provide painting kits at a discounted rate (with added benefits), regular Defirefly discount codes cannot be used for subscription purposes. Gift cards are also not applicable to Defirefly memberships. Only specific membership codes and offers can be used for this product.
  • How to pause or cancel your subscription?

    Cancel subscription Login to your account, click on manage your subscriptions, find the subscription you want to cancel. click cancel, follow the prompts. Pause or postpone your subscription Email and a customer service representative will help you change the date of your order and postpone your subscription for you.