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Modular Touch Lights

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If you are looking to shake things up with cool light fixtures, look no further! These Modular Touch Lights not only have great ambience, but are also eye-catching and interesting! Construct any shape and add a futuristic vibe to your room! Each module consists of a hexagonal magnetic LED light with a touch sensitive technology. Combine few or many in a pattern you like and turn an empty wall into an impressive work of art!

  • Measures: 115mm or 4.52" Wide
  • Material: Plastic

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How does it work?

Each piece can be connected to the rest by the magnet on their sides. Easy attach and detach until you have constructed the shape of your choosing. Have them up on the wall and working hassle free in minutes. The touch sensor allows for easy control through touch.

Each tile can be turned on or off simply by touching it which allows for further creativity in deciding the additional light pattern. If that wasn’t cool enough, they are also eco-efficient! They do not need much power to run (up to 15 tiles on one power supply) so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

How to hang?

They come with two options for hanging. You can either mount them by the two holes on their back or tape them to the wall using the sticky pads we have conveniently provided in the package.

Modular Touch Lights

Modular Touch Lights